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    Splatter Gel Ball Blaster,Electric Gel Gun Water Ball Guns Automatic Burst Gel Balls Highly Assembled Toy Guns Outdoor Blasters for Kids Boys Adult


    Introductions:"【Safe】: Gel Ball Blaster is a fun outdoor toy. Safe for children. When the gel ball hits an obstacle, it shatters immediately, forming a pile of small fragments. Once dry, they will disappear completely.
    【Gel Blaster G-un】: Equipped with 11000 water beads can meet your entertainment reliably and powerfully at 7.4V 1200mAh battery. The rate of fire of the is very fast, it can shoot up to 300 gel balls per minute with a range of about 45-65 Ft.
    【Outdoor Shooting Games】: Gel ball Blaster can be great for children and adults. You can enjoy exciting team games outdoors with your friends, it will bring you a lot of fun.
    【Gifts】: Splat ball toy is suitable for all kinds of festivals as a gift for children.This is a great way to entertain, especially for group games.
    【Package included】: 1*Blaster;1*Protective Glasses;2 pack*500 gel balls;1 pack*10,000 gel balls;1*rechargeable battery;1*charging cable.
    【Notice】:The original beads come in the pack can't be used for bullets,they must be soaked in water for more than 4 hours before use,the gel beads will grow to stable 6mm in diameter after soaking,which is suitable size for the gel ball blaster."Dimensions-cm:28*20*7Package Includes:Toy gun*1, battery*1, charging cable*1, 10,000 gel balls*2, safety glasses*1

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