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    Solid Wood 2-Tier Raised Garden Bed Planter Box 4-ft x 2-ft x 32-inch High

    This Solid Wood 2-Tier Raised Garden Bed Planter Box 4-ft x 2-ft x 32-inch High brings beauty and beauty to your deck, garden, yard or patio. The wooden box can be widely used indoors and outdoors. This high-quality wooden garden bed is built to last for years without much care and maintenance. With this helpful planter, you can cultivate plants, making it more convenient to manage and take care them, in your patio, yard, garden, greenhouse, or anywhere you'd like to grow vegetables, herbs, or flowers. The thick and solid wood construction makes this planter serve you for a long time. Do not hesitate to buy one!
    • Solid Wood 2-Tier Raised Garden Bed Planter Box 4-ft x 2-ft x 32-inch High
    • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: This raised planter bed has 2 tiers for planting and storing. The box is suitable for growing various plants and the lower shelf can be used for holding planting tools, small bonsai, or potted plants.
    • AWAY FROM ANIMALS AND CRITTERS: Planting on the ground may expose the plants to footprints or small animals, so it is better to raise the plants. The elevated design helps protect the plants from rabbits, rats, reptiles, etc.
    • DRAINAGE HOLES: With drainage holes inside, this tall flower box allows excess water to run off to keep the soil fresh and provide convenient conditions for your plants.
    • GOOD ENVIRONMENT: The bottom of the planting box has four vents for better internal circulation and avoiding prolonged immersion in water. The vents help plants grow healthily and strongly.
    • NATURAL FIR WOOD: This raised garden bed is made of non-paint fir wood. Thanks to its strength, stability as well as natural resistance, this natural planting bed will work well for a long time.
    • Material: Wood
    • Color: Natural Wood
    • Mounting Type: Inside Mount
    • Number of Pieces: 1
    • Assembly Required: Yes
    • 47 x 22.5 x 31.5 inches
    • Weight: 31lbs.

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