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    Retinol Face Cream Firming Lifting Anti-Aging Remove Wrinkles Fine Lines 2022

    Yiluying Facial Rejuvenation C

    Product information:
    Shelf life: 3 years
    Lotion/cream category: lotion cream
    Net content: 20g (g/ml)
    Efficacy: whitening, acne, freckle
    Cosmetic effects: moisturizing, other effects, hydrating, moisturizing, brightening skin tone, moisturizing, firming
    Product specifications: Whitening and anti-freckle cream/20g, acne-relief and moisturizing cream/20g, niacinamide anti-freckle cream 20g, whitening and anti-freckle cream 20g, Bai Zhentang whitening and Anti-freckle cream 20g, Tish Yanfuyan whitening and anti-freckle cream/20g, Yiluying anti-wrinkle cream Facial cream/20g, Chanqian whitening cream/20g, Beiser skin whitening and freckle removal boutique Three-piece set
    Ingredients: vitamin E, arbutin, nicotinamide, others

    Packing list:
    Freckle cream*1

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