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    Mini Chainsaw

    Electrical outlet
    Gardening can be a hard and physically taxing hobby for new and seasoned gardeners. Whether it's gardening or setting up a campsite, there is a lot of hard work to be done from clearing the space to tending to the ground. There are a lot of different tools to help deal with debris, but the most effective is the chainsaw. However, chainsaws can be heavy and too large to transport easily. 

    The Cut Correct - Mini Chainsaw packs a mighty saw into a portable body to help with all outdoor needs. Pesky branches can get in the way of fun outdoor activities. There's no longer a decision to be made about what tools to bring to the garden or on a camping trip, the Cut Correct - Mini Chainsaw is light and easy to transport!



     PORTABLE DESIGN:  Normal chainsaws are awkwardly shaped and can weigh up to 15 pounds. The Cut Correct - Mini Chainsaw is lightweightjust over 2 pounds, and can be easily added to a toolbox or tool belt.

     SAVE TIME: Gardening and setting up a campsite requires a lot of back and forth to make sure everything is perfect. Don’t waste daylight running back and forth to grab tools, bring the Cut Correct - Mini Chainsaw, and save time!



     REDUCED RISK OF INJURY: In nature, anything can happen. Be more in control by having a stronghold on the tools, with a key tool being portable enough to use with one hand!

     MULTI-PURPOSE: The Cut Correct - Mini Chainsaw can be used to most outdoor cutting needs. From gardening to camping, never give up on the perfect space due to a few branches or plants in the way.

    Garden work can be a daunting task when there are so many overgrown plants and invasive species taking over. It's hard to know where to start when there are so many tools, and different plants have different needs. Lugging the whole toolbox back and forth is not ideal and creates so much additional work.

    The  Cut Correct - Mini Chainsaw is the perfect tool for dealing with almost any gardening task! The handheld portable design makes it easy to carry as you move from plant to plant. Stop wasting time and energy on less-than-ideal tools, and start focusing on enjoying the day!




    Material: Metal Steel Chain

    Voltage: 24V

    Battery Power: 1080W

    Guide Plate Length: 4 Inches

    Chain Speed: 5M/S

    Electric Drive: Strong Magnet Motor

    Chain: Quick Adjustment

    Cutting Size: <100 mm





    (1) XUltimate Outdoors Mini Chainsaw Body

    (1) XUltimate Outdoors Mini Chainsaw Chain

    (1) XUltimate Outdoors Mini Chainsaw Guide

    (1) XUltimate Outdoors Mini Chainsaw Baffle

    (1) X Detachable 1080W Rechargeable Battery

    (1) X Battery Charger

    (1) X Portable Mini Wrench

    (1) X Portable Mini Screwdriver



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