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    Lumbar Support Pillow For Lower Back Pain Relief Lower Back Stretcher Massager For Chronic Lumbar Pain Relief & Herniated Disc


    Relieve lower back pain and improve posture with our Lumbar Support Pillow. It is designed to provide targeted support and relief for your lumbar area, helping to alleviate herniated discs and chronic pain. This massager also helps to improve your posture, thus protecting your spine from further injury. Get comfy, and get relief!


    1. This product is not effective for everyone's low back pain. It varies from person to person. A back stretcher improves your posture by simultaneously strengthening and loosening your back muscles. 
    2. Helps prevent chronic back problems and acute injuries caused by misalignment, such as sciatica, slipped disk and bulging disc.
    3. Back Massager for Back Pain without Electric: 10 magnetic massage nodes and 14 massage bars align along the muscles on either side of your spine to help relieve tension and enhance blood circulation.
    4. Magnetic Therapy: Magnetic therapy will make deep relation muscle self-head gravity massage evenly, acupressure and muscle physical massage, better relieve the pain of your lumbar and back muscles, protect the lumbar and release stress.
    5. Comfortable and Support: Made from a specialized type of polyurethane foam, Similar to an advanced memory foam, designed to compress for comfort while maintaining its natural healing shape.
    6. C-Shaped Curvature Original Design: Sync with your spine's natural curvature and be comfortable enough for you to relax and stretch passively. An opening in the center so that the spine doesn't press against the stretcher.

    1. Stretching your back is a simple way to improve the health of your spine and release tight back muscles.
    2. By increasing circulation and lengthening the spine, back stretchers can also help relieve lower back pain.
    3. Just 5 minutes a day devoted to stretching can protect your back, fight chronic pain and improve your range of motion.
    4. You might also get better posture and may even gain some height! 5. The great thing about these kinds of stretching devices is that you can get the benefits of a safe, deep lower back stretch without needing to go to a physical therapist.

    Product information:

    Product name: Massage pillow
    Control mode: mechanical
    Massage technique: kneading
    Applicable parts: waist, back
    Color: gray, green, orange
    Specifications: Chinese instructions, English instructions
    Appearance shape: butterfly-shaped

    Packing list:

    Massage pillow x1

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