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    Heated Jacket

    Light khaki

    "This jacket is well-made and fits great. The elements heat up quickly and keep you warm. I especially like that there are heating elements in the arm area to keep your arms nice and warm. This is a great jacket for the price."


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    Angie Thames
     Verified Buyer



    The heating jacket is made of polyamide fiber. not only warm but also comfortable to touch. The heating element adopts the latest carbon fiber technology, which can be heated quickly within 10 seconds. The thick and soft cloth can block cold wind and heat storage, maintain body temperature, and promote blood circulation.

    The heating jacket has 7 carbon fiber heating zones (left and right abdomen, back, waist, and two elbows), which can heat the entire core area of ​​the body and keep it warm. You can adjust 3 temperature modes (red, white, blue) by short pressing the power button.






    ✅ HEATING QUICKLY: in 3 seconds, 6 carbon fiber heating elements generate heat across core body areas (front, arm area, and back) boosting your core body heat and keeping you warm.

    ✅ 3 HEATING LEVEL:  3 Heating levels (high, medium, and low settings). Change the heat setting of your jacket with a simple press of a button.



    ✅ UPGRADED MATERIAL: 100% fiber blend, Heated jacket guarantee comfort in cold winter. The interior is made of comfortable professional materials.


    UPGRADE BATTERY LIFE: Up to 10 working hours (7 hrs on high, 8 hrs on medium, 10 hrs on low heating setting)



    Press and hold the switch for two seconds to start working.At this time,

    the red light is on and the work is in high-temperature gear. It will automatically jump to the second gear in 5 minutes without manual intervention, and the blue light will be displayed. The work is in medium-temperature gear. Manually press the switch to adjust to the low gear, at this time the green light shows, and then press to adjust to high temperature (at this time after the manual intervention, the machine will no longer automatically jump to the second gear function)


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