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    Silicone Ice Cube Tray Large Mold Giant DIY Ball Maker Square Round Tray Mould


    Product information:
    [Name]: Skull ice tray
    [Weight]: about 56g
    [Packing]: OPP bag sealing packaging
    Approximate box gauge: 45*45*35cm/100 sets
    [Color] Random colors, custom colors for bulk goods
    Silicone model points:
    1. The silicone mold has the characteristics of no deformation, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and no expansion.
    2. The shrinkage rate of the silicone mold is good, the number of re-molding is many, and the shrinkage rate of the mold silicone is 2%.
    3. The silicone mold has good tensile and elasticity and good tearing. It not only makes your products beautiful, but also makes your products not deformed. There is no problem with high temperature resistance at 200 degrees, and the mold silicone is still not at minus -50 degrees. Crisp, still very soft, the simulation effect is very good.

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