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    Sleep Eye Mask


    "I only bought these for sleeping and honestly, I didn't think I was going to think much of them, as usually, headbands move around so quickly on my head that I have to bobby pin them down. Still, I didn't want earbuds or any connecting wires, and I didn't want to pay for an arm and a leg, so thought I'd give these a go. I've been surprisingly happy with these. They were very easy to set up, sit nicely on the face, the material is soft and comfortable, and completely block out any light in the room. They do move around slightly at night, but not enough to be annoying or to disturb my sleep. Big thumbs up."

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - 
    Elizabeth Hebron
    ✅ Verified Buyer


     Your husband snores so much that you stay awake most of the night. With such a sleep routine, your work efficiency will be compromised, which you certainly don't want to happen.


    Buyline brings modern solutions for modern sleepers by introducing a new product to our sleep solutions range ‘The Sleep Eye Mask.’ Eye strain and soreness have been common conditions, especially in this day and age where we spend a great deal of time in front of digital monitors and screens.

    The Sleep Eye Mask is a mobile-powered eye massager that helps you relieve symptoms caused by eye strain so that you can feel more relaxed to achieve better sleep.






    ✅ EYE COVER:Even the dimmest light can irritate you and become a hurdle to your sleep. Prevent this from happening and cover your eyes with this mask to sleep soundly, no matter if a tube light is switched on in your room.


    ✅ COMFORTABLE FITTING:With the padded fabric of the mask, you won't feel any discomfort on the head while wearing it. The Velcro closure straps make it adjustable as per your need.



    BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY: The mask has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity that can be paired with various devices. You can enjoy music or listen to calls with the mask still on your face.


    ✅ EASY USE:Long press the center button to switch it on and short press it to play or pause the song. Long-press the + button for the next song, while long-press the – button for the previous song.


    ✅ WIDE USE: Not just in the bedroom, but it is beneficial during flights, your daily bus commute, or even office lunch breaks.




    1. Close all your Bluetooth in the phone or tablet first.

    2. Long press the "on/off" button for about 5 seconds till the red/blue light flashes.

    3. Open your Bluetooth in the phone, find the Bluetooth name BT-FAAH, then connect. 4. After connecting the Bluetooth, you can listen to the music directly!


    Bluetooth Handfree:

    1. Incoming call, press once PLAY/STOP Button for auto receives a call.
    2. For Incoming calls, press and hold the PLAY/STOP Button for 3 sec to reject the call.
    3. During the call, long press the PLAY/STOP Button for 3 sec to switch to the mobile device.
    Press. PLAY /STOP Button again for 3 sec will switch back to earphones.



    1. Open the Bluetooth in your phone and match it with the Bluetooth name "BT-FAAH"

    2. Can be washable when you take out the Bluetooth module.

    3. Both speakers are not fixed, can adjust placement accordingly based on your size

    4. Please adjust the volume from your mobile or Long press Vol+ from Bluetooth if you can't hear any music.

    5. The sound may have a bit of noise if there's environmental interference



    1x Exquisite packaging box.
    1x Joseche Bluetooth sleeping eye mask
    1x USB charging cable
    1x Manual


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