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    USB Interface 6 Gears Electric Guansha Scraping Cupping Massager

    Electrical outlet

    Product Description:

    The cupping massager outstands ordinary cupping sets with rhythmic alternation of suction and release, that effectively promote blood circulation, dredge the meridians, stimulate acupoints, relieve fatigue, relieve pain, dispel cold and dehumidification, improve immunity, and relax muscles.

    The charging type massage cupper has a built-in 1800mah lithium battery. The USB charging cable allows you to charge in time and conveniently. Put it in your bag, the compact size makes Cupper a recovery tool for various areas such as the back, shoulder, hips, hamstring, and calves. You can carry it around and enjoy a massage anywhere and anytime.

    The cupper also has a plugged-in type, where you can only use the massager when it is connected to a power source, making it suitable for home use. It comes with an LED display screen and comes with four independent buttons can separately switch the machine. You can adjust the suction intensity and heating gear, and suspend the cupping adsorption function, which is easy to use.

    This cupper is equipped with 6 levels of negative pressure and strong and stable suction with no open flame; 6 levels of red light heating, deep massage, relax the body, and dispel fatigue. Different combinations of modes can give you different massage experiences. Its operation is so simple! The innovative combination of different treatments enables effective trigger point or myofascial release while enhancing circulation, mobility, and flexibility in just a few minutes.


    Product Specification:

    Color: Black, Blue, Red

    Material: ABS

    Size: 78 * 94mm

    Weight: 400g

    Functions: Massager

    Charging Type:

    Usage Time: 3-4 hours

    Charging Time: 3 hours

    Battery Information: 1800mAh


    Package Inclusion:

    Plugged-in Type:

    1 * Host

    2 * Cotton Filters

    1 * USB Charging Cable (Type C)

    1 * English User Manual


    Charging Type:

    1 * Host

    2 * Cotton Filters

    1 * USB Charging Cable (Type C)

    1 * English User Manual

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