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    Disposable Brush Pot Dishwashing Brush Washing Pot Brush Cup Kitchen Cleaning Tools Long Handle Storage Wok Brush Kitchen Gadgets

    Scouring Pad X12 Pieces
    Scouring Pad X24 Pieces
    Wok Brush Set 12pcs
    Wok Brush Set 6pcs


    - Innovatively designed disposable brush head, which is healthier to hang to dry, and say goodbye to mold nuisance
    - Humanized 45ᄚ lengthened handle design, comfortable handle saves worry and effort, hands do not need to touch washing and dirtying
    - Disposable and replaceable scouring pad, high-density material, detergency increased by 30%, strong decontamination and anti-scratch

    Product Information:
    Color: one-time fried wok brush replacement head * 12 pieces [recommended], one-time fried wok brush replacement head * 6 pieces [test package], [refill] scouring pad * 12 pieces, [Refill] scouring pad * 24 pieces
    Function: clean
    Material: Plastic
    Category: Wok brush

    Packing List:
    Cleaning kit X1

    Product Image:

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