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    Dog Cat Brush Pet Slicker Grooming Brush with Wooden Handle Painlessly Remove Loose Hair

    Professional Dog Cat brush?Slicker brushes will work on most coat types, the short bristles will grab and remove loose hairs and debris to keep your dog's coat clean.

    Safety Dog Brush?Slicker brushes are designed to make brushing easier, faster and painless.The bristles are fine bent wires,It can penetrate deep into the coat without hurting guard hair.

    Ergonomic design ?The ergonomic design with curved pins helps to easily untangle and remove mats or tangles from your petÕs hair. The wooden anti-slip handle can prevent hand and wrist strain.

    Carding Order?Along the fur growth direction, brush pet's fur from neck to shoulder, chest, waist,abdomen,rear quarters, head, legs and tail to stimulate your dog's coat healthy, shiny and beautiful.

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