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    5 Pack Leakproof Freezer Gallon Bags BPA Free- Extra Thick Durable Reusable Storage Bags - Reusable Snack Bags For Food Fruit Travel Storage Home Organization

    HIGH QUALITY ECO FRIENDLY SAFETY MATERIALS:Our reuseable ziplock sandwich bag are made of high-quality, safe and environmentally friendly materials, BPA FREE,non-toxic and harmless chemicals that can be in direct contact. This material is harmless to the human body and harmless to the environment. You can use it with confidence, store any food, the items you want to store.✔Processed and upgraded to provide excellent resistance to cracks and leaks under normal use. 


    EASY TO CLEAN AND REUSABALE & SAVE MONEY: When you want to clean reuseable freezer lunch bag that have been in use for a long time, you don't have to spend a lot of time cleaning. You only need to rinse with water or use a cleaner to clean it, then wipe it dry or hang it upside down on the cup or bottle.After reusable food bags is all dry and can use it again.Freezer lunch bag which is not only convenient for you, but also saves your money. 


    DURABLE LIGHTWEIGHT AND CONVENIENT TO FOLD:Our freezer lunch bags is sturdy and lightweight, with a transparent safe material, you can see the inside, do not open it every time, and he has very strong tear resistance, you can put fruit, or travel goods,cured meat,household items, etc. enough to meet your needs.they can be folded and carried out when you go out, there is no pressure at all. 


    MULTI-PURPOSE AND MULTI-SIZE TO MEET DIFFERENT STORAGE NEEDS:Our storage bags are available in 3 sizes 8.46\'x 7.08\'. 8.46''x4.72'' and 8.46''x 7.08. To meet your different item storage needs, you can bring our reusable ziploc bags.He will help you sort out the messy things, make your life well, and our color reusable ziplock is easy to open and Closed; colored ziplock help to make you more organized storage. 

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