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    Home football electric popcorn machine


    Popcorn machine specifications: European standard 220V round insert
    Open the cover of the football machine and put it on the popcorn outlet to pick up the popcorn. Then use a small lid to scoop a small lid of small popcorn special corn, about 50g, and pour it into the electric cooker.

    Place the small lid on the small lid hole on the large lid so that the hot air bursts all the popcorn out of the outlet. Plug in the power cord, turn on the power switch, and start the work. The wind heat is accelerated in the electric cooker. About 2 minutes, the corn starts to burst out and automatically blows out from the pot to the popcorn collector. Original flavor, if you want to put the seasoning, you should also mix it in the collector after it bursts out.

    Note: This type of electric cooker can't put the seasoning, it will burn the machine directly, but it is not easy to clean.

    If you want to clean, please use a dry cloth to test the hot pot.




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