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    Shower Bag


    Never Miss The Shower Again

    The only thing you couldn’t bring to your travels in nature was the shower, until now! Our shower bag recreates the home showering experience from anywhere on the planet!

    Hydrench carries just like a bag and uses solar energy to heat up the water inside. Combined with its convenient shower head, it gives you an enjoyable way of staying clean outdoors!
    You can easily keep your hygiene to standard even in the wild. There is no need to stay in your sweat on your long trips, stay clean and comfortable on your adventures!



    Take a shower with you- What’s more to miss when you're away from home when you’ve got a 20L shower bag you can take anywhere with you!

    Bathe in nature - Enjoy a warm showering experience on your outdoor adventures and hang Hydrench above your head to shower like at home!
    Wild and clean- Don’t neglect your hygiene just because you are out in the wilds, keep your body fresh on all your long travels!
    Hydrench is the ultimate choice- You don’t have to live dirty when you visit nature anymore, get a refreshing shower anytime you need one to stay clean on all your travels!



    1. Before the first use, soak the bath bag in warm water with a small spoon of soda;
    2. After filling enough water, the transparent side is fully exposed to sunlight;
    3. Generally, it can be used in about 3 hours of sunlight in summer

    1. If you need to add hot water by yourself, please do not exceed 50 degrees;
    2. Please test the water temperature before bathing. If it is too hot, you can add cold water appropriately;
    3. The water inside is not suitable for drinking;
    4. Please clean the water inside when, not in use
    5. Do not touch sharp objects to avoid scratching the bag


    Product size: 

    Shower bag (47*50CM), tube 50CM (including nozzle), folded size 14*35*5cm

    Packing list: 

    Shower bag*1, hose*1, spray head*1, storage mesh bag*1

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