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    Auto Magnetic Light


    Automatic induction lamp with BrightLight!

    It is an ultra-thin magnetic motion sensor light that is simple to install. High-quality LED lamp beads, soothing light, and long-term usage are not harmful to the eyes. Very useful anywhere. Reduces energy usage, and maintenance expenses.


    Induction Light - In auto mode, the motion sensor light detects the time of day and night and only illuminates at dusk or night. It may be set to turn on automatically when a human motion is detected within a few feet, and to turn off automatically after a few seconds if no motion is detected. No need to find the switch in the middle of the night. Its wireless design makes it good and more adaptable. 

    USB Charging - Fast charging and more lasting material. The BrightLight is a rechargeable led light with a built-in high-capacity battery. There is no need to purchase more batteries. It only takes a couple of hours to charge. It is simple to charge in a laptop or power bank. They may be used constantly for a few hours and can also be utilized for a few months. The duration of usage is quite long.

    Eye Protection - Light for eye care. The led under cabinet illumination has a small number of LEDs, producing up to fewer lumens. The light bulb is concealed on the inside, and the lamp beads are invisible, so the light does not directly strain the eyes. A constant soft light. BrightLight gives enough light to ensure safety.

    Lithium battery: 300mAH, 900mAH, 1500mAH, 2000mAH

    Working current: 340MA, 750MA, 800MA, 800MA
    Power: 0.4W, 1.4W, 3W, 3.2W
    Full charge time: 4 hours/5 hours/6 hours/6 hours
    Delay time: 8-10 seconds
    Induction distance: <<3 meters
    Sensing angle: 120.

    Operating temperature: -20°C to 50°C

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